Missing DLC from TRS2019 to TRS2022?


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I recently purchased TRS2022,

Loaded up TRS2022 Content Store and searched my purchased list with the DLC Steam IDs from TRS2019. And I have discovered the Hotbox content DLCs listed below is missing from my Content Store purchased list in TRS2022, not sure why as I do own these DLCs.

NSW 81 Class SRA Pack
NSW 81 Class Freight Corp, Freight Rail Pack
NSW 82 Class Freight Corp, Freight Rail Pack
QR National GE C44aci Pack

I have uninstalled TRS2022 and deleted files located in the AppData folder, thinking that maybe it didn't sync correctly, I reinstalled TRS2022 and the DLCs above is still missing. All other DLCs from TRS2019 including Hotbox Content QUEB GE C44aci Pack shows up in the TRS2022 Content Store purchased list.

Has anyone else have this problem? And would anyone know how I can fix it? I really don't want to purchase the DLCs again..
For those who may encounter the same issue with missing DLCs not appearing in the Content Store under the 'Purchased' menu, follow these steps.

*Note: Trainz 2019 or Tane, must be installed with the DLCs that's missing in Trainz 2022 Content Store, purchased menu.

1) Load up Trainz 2019, TANE and open Content Store, go to your purchased menu.
Right click on the DLC that's not appearing in Trainz 2022 Content Store under the purchased menu, choose View Details.
Make a note of the set of numbers under 'Version', the numbers you need for example: _0000_ 'Without the _ and _'.

2) Open 'By default' C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\N3V Games then open, 'trs19' or 'Tane' folder. Then open the Build Number followed by 'Packages'.
Type the version number you've collected as stated above, example: "0000" and hit enter, you should see a file show up as "0000.tzarc" Copy and Paste it to your computers desktop,
allowing you to find the file.

3) Open 'By default' C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\N3V Games then open 'trs22' Build Number\Packages folders. Move the "0000.tzarc" file into this directory.

4) Load up Trainz 2022 launcher, DO NOT load up the game. At the top of the menu choose 'Developer' then 'Rebuild Database'. Allow this progress to complete.
Once the rebuild database has completed, EXIT Trainz 2022 launcher.

5) Load up Trainz 2022 launcher, again. Your DLCs will now appear in both Trainz 2022 and Content Store under the purchased menu.
Make a SAFE backup of the DLC ".tzarc" files. In case, you may need to reinstall your DLCs later on.