Deleting Partial Baseboards?


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I would like to merge two routes, Horseshoe Curve by fishlipsatwork, and Altoona to Harrisburg by jrfolco, and eventually the EBT route at Mt. Union. The problem I have is at the joining of the Altoona to Horseshoe Curve. The terrain is about a half a baseboard off, most noticeably at Hill 364, just south of Bellwood. Is there anyway to delete a baseboard partially? I'm using 2010, build 49933. Thanks.
No can do.

I suggest you make a bridging row of baseboards and try to blend the scenery transition on this row to suit both routes.

Most likely the different DEM's will not match up, and huge towering cliffs will be seen where the 3 DEM's meet up ... The EBT, and the Horseshoe are HOG DEM's, and JRFalco's may be Transdem ... and they usually do not jive together.

Cutting up and trying to match up different DEM's up will drive you absolutely batty ... (speaking from my own personal experience) :hehe:

I noticed on the Horseshoe HOG DEM, that there are huge cliffs somewhere near Sugar Run Gap, and the Muleshoe Curve (which is missing), where Fishlipsatwork probably merged 2 of his DEM's together.

PM me for more info
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The HOG process was very basic. It did neither enforce, encourage or retain geographic coordinate mapping. That means you cannot merge HOG-generated routes without gaps and fissures, even if they used the same DEM data source (unless the creator(s) of the two routes in question put in an awful lot of manual work). TransDEM baseboards, on the other hand, inherently maintain static mapping between real world and Trainz coordinates. If I remember correctly the program MapMaker did the same. TransDEM also has a feature to adapt a new TransDEM-based route to an existing one, by shifting the new baseboards up to half a baseboard in either direction. And it can raise or lower a route. It cannot, however, rotate a route.
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