Deleting baseboards still leaves splines


I'm trying to split the Dearnby V3 route into a few regions, so that contributors can work on different regions in parallel. At the region boundary I've temporarily split each spline, so that no spline actually crosses the boundary - they will be restored when we eventually combine the regions again. However I've come across a problem that deleting baseboards leaves some splines on a deleted baseboard in a sort of limbo even though the baseboard they were on is no more. Trawling through the forums I came across posts from long ago, describing this problem and saying what you had to do was delete a baseboard then replace it with a new one, and you could now delete any splines on it which had been left behind. I've tried doing that and sure enough it works, but it's taken over 2 hours to do it, and can I be certain that every one of these orphan splines has gone? I've had trouble in the past with splines attaching themselves to points several baseboards away. And it looks like I've got to do this for each region we want to define, each time we want to do it....:'(

Does anyone know whether this problem has been fixed in either a later TRS19 release (preferably) or in TRS22 - with Surveyor 2? I think that at least with Surveyor 2 I could more easily delete the splines in bulk, but we don't want to move to TRS22 so as not to make Dearnby unavailable for people who are still on TRS19.

The problem still exists in TRS22. Using Surveyor 2.0, there's the ability to select the baseboards and then delete the contents on the baseboards. When I remove baseboards, I select a bunch of baseboards first and then delete the contents before deleting the baseboards. This is a double-step process but it's a lot easier than the old method of going back and putting in blanks to delete the content.

The alternative, which I've done before in TRS19, is to set up a blank area. Using the Copy/paste tool, I select a large blank area and include objects and splines even though there are none to select. I then paste the blank area where I want to delete the content and the non-assets are pasted as well, meaning this creates an empty baseboard. Once I've deleted the contents on the baseboards, I then delete the baseboards.
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Thank you very much John, that sounds like an excellent idea. I'll give it a go.


Later: I've tried it and it works a treat! Thank you again, John
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