Surveyor 2.0 deleting large numbers of baseboards causes CTD


I have not determined the number of baseboards that causes the problem, but note that deleting as few as 12-15 baseboards at once can cause Surveyor to crash. [update - have seen it crash like this when deleting as few as 4 baseboards which were heavily populated with assets]

My system has 16 gig of memory and 50+ gig drive space free.

If I select baseboards to delete, it can take several deletes to actually delete all the objects within the baseboard. Example, this set of baseboards I've deleted four times, and there are still objects that haven't yet been deleted.

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Yes, 116492. Updated yesterday.

I found it crashed less often doing this if I paused a few seconds between clicks, as if time were needed to complete the deletes. I'm deleting most baseboards from a large route because I only want to use a small part of the route.

After a crash, when I restart the game, the content manager/database does some kind of a check, and I am queried whether I want to go forward with changes that weren't saved or restore the previous version.
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If there has been a crash I would recommend not using the changes (i.e. chose to revert).

We've recently fixed a couple of other crash bugs in S20 that will be in the next beta update (which will follow the 116942 official release).
This crash happens a lot. Doing the same thing trying to delete a bunch of baseboards to create a new route from just a few.
I'm definitely familiar with the issue of assets not being deleted when you delete the baseboard. It's particularly a problem for splines. This has been going on for years!