Custom throttle stand with Touch Portal


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There is a program called Touch Portal that allows you to create a custom controller on an iPad that then links to your computer, Mac and/or Windows, to control your game.


Many flight simmers use this to create custom panels for flying.
I am thinking that a diesel throttle stand could be designed and used for Trainz.
I don’t have all my hardware setup yet but wondering if:
Anyone used Touch Portal with Trainz?
Can Trainz be recognized by Touch Portal to allow its use?


i havent been able to get anything to work as a controller... Its said that an xbox controller will work, but i dont have one, I have tried Saitek X45, Saitek Rumbleforce, and Logitek wingman rumble, with no luck.

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I have a logitek Wingman Rumble too and I wish it worked for TRAINZ. I had it for years and it might have worked on Trainz 2004, but I don't remember.