CumberLand Trainz (in web archive)

Kids these days...

I would thumb this up if I could. Releasing your payware for free is excellent work, if no one's made you feel appreciated - I hope I do. Hornsounds are crazy easy to make, it's getting a good recording that's an issue.

Now I know you're digging things up, time to start skimming the DLS for new uploads again. I was wondering what happened to all that content. I think I've lost more sanity through hard drive crashes than work or school.

I appreciate it. I made these for TRS2004 when the choice of hornsounds wasn't very numerous and just didn't update them through the years. Some of these kids just need to realize that I'm not into content creation any longer and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on these. After all, they're pretty old and I just figured that I'd make them available for those that had a use for them.
you have a point there I guess, on your NCSTL 576 I have a central of Georgia 5 chime, I changed the whistle on your Reading T-1, but I forgot what it's called. And thats about it. :-|