CSX Trenton Line


Hey guys, here are some pics from West Trenton, NJ on the CSX Trenton Line, so far I have from West Trenton to Woodbourne done.

Looks good! I have some objects on the download station that were modeled from the West Trenton area if you need them. "Trent" tower, renameable SEPTA sign, D.I.B. track signs, etc. I'm looking forward to some of your screen shots of the Woodbourne area. I always liked that area with its configuration of tracks between SEPTA, CSX and NS.

Just a suggestion, you may want to try using the "smooth spline" feature on some of those roads. They look sort of bumpy. :hehe: Other than that, looks good!
@SharkNose thanks! I just downloaded the TRENT Tower,D.I.B sign and SEPTA sign, and pics from Woodbourne should be coming soon.
@generalman haha, I'm definetly going to use the smooth spline, and thanks!
Ha! Those are the apartments where I used to live in the background! My favorite trains there are the CSX Q740 and Q741. :wave:

Looking good! Did you get your terrain problem fixed?

Thanks Andrew! I really like how West Trenton turned out,the tower, D.I.B sign and SEPTA station sign look great, now I'm starting to work on Woodbourne. And the terrain problem isn't fixed yet, hopefully I'll get it figured out soon, I'm sure it's a simple fix.

Ah, yes. The bridge that carries NS over the SEPTA/CSX tracks. That's where I caught the circus train for the first time! :D

I've always liked Woodbourne yard, but sometimes the Q417 or Q418 ties up the CSX main line for hours!

I'm curious to see which bridge asset you use for over the Delaware River when you get to it...

Nice to see a route finally depicting the former Reading side of the SEPTA System, as opposed to the ex-Pennsylvania Railroad side. Yes, I like the PRR and RDG, but the active RDG side now used by CSX is often ignored in favor of the ex-PRR side. Well done.

The area around the river and the bridge looks great! It's nice to see some green in your screenshots as that part of the Delaware has quite a bit of ice on it nowadays.

Nicely Done!