Placement of Signals Question


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I have a double-track main running North/South. An East/West line joins it. There is a point where the Westbound track crosses the Northbound track. So only 1 track is crossing 1 track. My question is how do I signal such a crossing? Or should I pray there aren't two trains that get there simultaneously? I've included a crude drawing of the crossing.

I use ASB Crossover Controller Tane SP3/TRS19 in conjunction with ASB Crossover Trigger Tane SP3/TRS19. Use the Edit Properties tool 'P' within Surveyor on either asset will bring up a detailed explanation on how to set them up. They work equally well on TRS22 but a word of warning, not all signals work with ASB assets, I can advise on UK signals but not US although I'm sure others will be pleased to help should you get stuck. Peter
For signalling, you need at least two aspect signals over the Right hand main going from the bottom of your pic to the top. Second aspect will give the route indication (toward the right or straight ahead).
Technically you'd need the same on the Left hand main as well, in case you send a train of to the diverging route to the right over the cross over.

The rest of the mains in the other directions can just us single aspects. They just need to know if the junction in clear for them to proceed.