Couple of Q's on camera placement


Rail Tragic
First of all is there any way of locating where cameras have been place when in Surveyor? I get frustrated trying to work out where they are.

Secondly, how to best place these on a route so the viewing is seamless when driving. Would there be a tool to gauge for optimal distance placement?

Lastly, I have noticed on placing cameras some are shaded green and some s rusty red colour. I am assuming when placed rusty red means problem! Not quite sure though.

Appreciate any responses.
1.There is no hot-key or command I am aware of. I just look for them in surveyor.

2. While I believe there was (is?) a template tool to aid placement I just user rulers to place them about 300 metres apart.

3.Green cameras are tracking cameras. Red cameras are static (they display when a selected train crosses their field of view).