A trip into Boston on the MBTA...

The line does carry freight, however it's only bulk MSW "unit" trains. (Trash). It's been going on since 1989, it's a very novel service. The "trash train" carries waste to a power plant in Rochester, where its burned. To be honest, there is vast opportunity for the line to carry more freight onto and off of the cape. The railroad could provide a much needed service to local businesses and increase their revenue stream, however local politics and a lack of political will are the main obstacle. The NIMBY vibe is alive and well on the cape.

It it would be super cool to have an rs3, a while back (late 80's early 90's) there was a great rs1. It's been long retired though. The line is owned (80%) by a national holdings firm (Iowa pacific) and I think (I may be wrong) there are restrictions as to what can be purchased or traded etc. I know that "Susquehanna" E unit came from the IPH system. I think it came from Alamosa, CO, but I'm not sure.

Some of you may know all this already, it may be redundant info. Haha.

Cheers :)