Content Store Errors - 'Package installation failed to provide...'


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Attempting to download "purchased" (bundled) content through the Trainz Content Store gives me an error for some items, reading "Package installation failed to provide any of the expected packages for resource ...", where the named resources are as follows:

Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC: steam:1030230
JR Rolling Stock Pack (TRS19): steam:1030980
Cornish Mainline & Branches: steam:938110

Pressing "Retry" simply results in the same error again. How does one resolve this issue?

I am unsure as to whether the downloads are at all complete. The progress bar on retrying indicates 2/3rds complete. On querying in the Content Manager, no missing dependencies are identified, but that's not conclusive (e.g. if it failed before downloading a session, then neither the session nor its dependencies would show up as missing). However, I am suspicious that this is possible, as I am missing <kuid:661281:75015> for some freeware routes, with this asset seemingly being a built-in tree, which should be included after downloading the content.

A screenshot of the error message and effect of Retrying (progress bar that soon after drops back to "View Error") can be found at:
Download one at a time, when you get the error message click cancel, if you check in manage content it will most of the time actually been installed with nothing missing.

In fact check before trying again, if the routes show as installed without New version Available, then they have installed.