Content Manager - determine when Route or Session modified



In Content Manager, is there a way to determine when a Route or Session was modified? When I look in Content Manager at one of my Routes or the Sessions associated with it and find numerous versions, I would like to delete the oldest versions and keep the newer ones - especially the Sessions. Also would there be a Date / Time stamp anywhere in the asset that I can use to determine when it was Created or Modified?

Please let me know.

Fred Bray
There sure is in the choose-a-session-to-drive window. Select Source: My Content at the top of the screen, use the Sort By pop-up menu near the bottom right corner to chose how you want them sorted. If you`re looking at your own routes, there will be a delete route button at the bottom right corner. If you`re looking at a session, it will be a delete session button.

In Content Manager, right-click on the column titles and go to the Add a column submenu. There are three different dates to choose from. Pick a suitable one, click on that column to sort by it, and as the Brits say is, "Bob`s your uncle".