Christmas TV Commercial Pet Peeve


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First, I'm not saying I hate Christmas, like the Grinch; In fact, like a lot of people in the world, I love Christmas. My pet peeve is that the Christmas-themed commercials seem to start appearing earlier every year. Another pet peeve is those 'Christmas in July Sale Special' commercials; because Christmas does not occur in July. If I could, I would pass a law that prevented Christmas-themed commercials cannot appear before Halloween. I know that such a law is not good for businesses, as they are in the business of making money, but it's a pet peeve of mine. I'm certain that there's going to be a lot of 'negative' posts on this thread, but I'm sure that there's a few people that agree with me. If the moderators want to lock this thread before trouble starts, that's fine with me.
The repetition, of ANY commercial, is a big problem. There are a lot of brands I'm just too annoyed by, so much that I wouldn't even consider buying their products due to the overload/repetition factor. Seems that being annoying is a new method of bringing brand awareness. Christmas-themed commercials take this up a notch.
I'd ban all Christmas commercials until the 1st of December . In the UK we've had Christmas commercials for at least 2 weeks now and as soon as Christmas is over they'll be advertising Easter eggs !!
Nah, it'll be Valentine's Day commercials if it's celebrated. Better to make a base for the tree and start connecting the old Lionel tubular track now than later. ;)
Well Halloween is now over in Australia (being about nine hours in front of Great Britain), and I still have a letter box intact with no damage from the dressed up kids trick and/or treating.
As for the Xmas festive season would tend to agree with jordon412 that advertising in October is far to early for the season greetings.
It is all about money to be made and when company sales are down in the year then sales tactics are in place.
It's all about profits! Here in Australia we had a retail 'black spot' around October, so the retailers looked for something to get the cash registers ringing and the Credit Cards swiping again. Some bright spark saw some northern hemisphere countries celebrated the Atuumn/Fall Harvest, so they imported it to our shores. Don't worry about the fact that it is Spring here. Our Autumn/Fall Harvests are in April-May. The majority of those who Trick & Treat would have no idea what it is all about. They are sucked in to spending money on costumes and treats by greedy retailer advertising. Go figure. I locked our front gate and let the dogs roam the front yard.
I think Halloween is just kids having harmless fun, face it, when you were a kid you would have wanted to take part too. I'm too old for trick or treating, but I did carve a pumpkin to make the little'uns happy. As for Xmas adverts, it's really nothing new, and M&S had a special 'Christmas area' when I went in last week.
I wish I could've done this. I dressed as an engineer when I was his age. :)


But then there's the pumpkin...