The Utah Belt Solomon Subdivision Screenshot Thread


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Hello all.
I've begun work on a new route I call the Utah Belt Solomon Subdivision, and I'm wanting to post visual updates. I've gotten a small section done, but there's more to come.

This thread contains all the information you need to know:

Stay tuned for new updates! Updates will drop off between June 19th and July 19th, as I'm going on some trips.

DISCLAIMER: The screenshots will be in Gridland for a while because 1: I have a harder time building routes with all the scenery in place before track and terrain, 2: I need to see whether or not I want to complete this (which I do), and 3: I haven't decided on all the terrain features. Thanks for understanding :)

Please do NOT pester me about release, and absolutely do NOT ask for me to send you the route so you can add on or change what I'm doing because "I can do better" or "You didn't remove what I said so let me do it myself." That is incredibly disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Eventually, when the track is complete, I will allow SOME people to test the route, thats just not now. In the future, when it is released, I will allow anyone to create sessions for the route. Thank you

: This will take a while to complete, and updates will drop off during the school season (August-May).

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North end of Orion siding has been terraformed and track is layed.


Orion Cutting is finished, with Orion Siding passing through it.


South end of the siding with the cutting is also finished: