CDP Question


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I want to send a route to someone as a CDP file attached to an e-mail.When I click on the route in CMP it says it is 875 Kb. When I look at the CDP file on my Hard Drive or in the e-mail its says it is 356 Kb. Am I missing something? I just don"t want to waste time sending something thats wrong.It was about 356 Kb when I recieved it.Any help appreciated..:confused:
Well basically, when it shows the file size in CMP, it storesthe route with the custom content installed. After it converts it into CDP, it stores the route without any custom content. Therefore if you wish to send the route to a friend, your riend must also have the same custom content for the layout to work properly. Also, when your content is converted to CDP, it compresses it for easy transportation. That is why the file in the CDP format is smaller than the CMP conterpart.
I think I understand that...:confused: ...Its as I recieved it except that I"ve added more items of a similar type plus two DLS items , if that makes sense.What the hell,I"ll send it and if it isn"t roight I"ll try again then go out and get drunk.Thank s for the replies.:)