Problem creating cdp from installed route


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I have merged 2 routes (with full copyright approval from the original creators) and created one large route then converted it to HD in 22+, but I can't get it to export to a cdp. I keep getting the following error message even after i have made cdp's of all the dependencies and deleted them from the original route. Does anyone have any suggestions that might help.

From what I have read on the forum, if the route has a large size (greater than 1GB, but I don't know where the minimum limit is), you cannot make a CDP.
With the terrain in HD, the size of the routes increases greatly, compared to the previous routes without HD.
As I see from reading other posts. I guess this is an OPPS we forgot about that moment. Guess I'll wait to see if they fix this problem. Thanks for the reply.
You can still save the combined route but not as a CDP. Open the route for editing in Content Manager. There is now a file in the editing file in your Trainz data file. Something like this. C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs22\build XXXXXXX\editing It depends on where you installed TRS22 and your data. Once found you can copy this file and use just like a CDP. It's not compressed as the CDP would have been.
That way you could also check what the uncompressed size of the route folder is as well to see if it exceeds 1GB.