Cab mode ops questions


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Been building in the game for years but haven't actually "played" much in driver and have a few questions for those who like cab mode and can offer some advice on realistic operations.

1.Is there a way to incrementally decrease train brake? Shortcut A increases but the only way I can see to decrease is by using the mouse.

2.when running a light engine only movement, should I use the train brake (which works) or just the independent, which by shortcut is either on or off (or maybe half also I can't recall).

3.when stopping going upgrade is it prototypical to notch up before releasing brakes to prevent being pulled down-grade?

I appreciate any and all tips and suggestions!
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1. see keybindings - in game "settings" "Control Settings"
2. generally with engines light and slow just use independent
3. complicated and varied - see PM

INFO PAGE - just a start
ANOTHER page (See "Lap" paragraph)
There are some very gook videos on YouTube covering Train Brakes
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The only way to decrease train brake is to release it. You can not decrease the braking. Even if you move the handle back 'down' after its 'up' its not gonna change anything until it releases.