Built-in "TTX 89ft TOFC Flatcar" Broken


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The built in item, "TTX 89ft TOFC Flatcar" has seemingly broken. The preview window doesn't indicate its existence. I can't place it. All instances of it have disappeared from all sessions in the game. In CM, its file size is "N/A".

How did this all start?
I opened up the "ATSF 991 East" session in order to try and remove all trains from it to make a base session. But it seems like it just broke "TTX 89ft TOFC Flatcar".

How do I fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: This seems to have the added side effect of wanting to save a new route when I try to save an edited session. This started with "ATSF 991 East", and seems to have spread to one of my own sessions where one of the dependencies was "TTX 89ft TOFC Flatcar".

EDIT 2: Also, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I just figured it should go here because it's a JR session that started it.
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