Boxcars that open their doors


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Is there a boxcar that open its doors when loading/unloading. If so, the time that doors are openend, is it programable?
All of my boxcars on the DLS have operating doors; I'm sure many others do as well. Typically, the delay that the doors are open is set by the industry. The doors open at the beginning of the load / unload procedure, and close at the end of the load / unload procedure. The duration of the actual loading / unloading is controlled by the industry.

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Thank you, and how can I know if a rolling stock modifies doors or any other element, during loading/unloading process.
If you use author "majekear" in your search on Download Station, the boxcars with opening doors usually have a green icon with a tick and the letters IND in the thumbnail pic.
Indeed there is.

The best that I've come across are those on the JointedRail site and the Russian ones from the Download Station (best watched full screen and in HD):