BNSF SD70MAC (BN exec patch w/swoosh)


I have the above asset, <kuid2:45324:100183:1> BNSF SD70MAC (BN exec patch w/swoosh) listed in CM as being 'Modified, Newer Version Available'.

The 'newer' version is listed as, <kuid2:45324:100183:2> BNSF SD70MAC (BN exec patch w/swoosh) and 'Not Installed, Payware (not active)'.

This just confuses my 70-year-old me. Was the original version NOT Payware, and at which point, if it wasn't Payware, did it become Payware?

On the other hand, if it WAS Payware, should the update to the newer version be free of charge.

Help a confused Trainzer please

Thank you
The "newer" :2 version is the same locomotive, just offered as a trainz dlc store version. There is no update, the dlc has to have a kuid number higher than any other version, which the content manager then reads as there being an update.

Thank you for the reply.

It clears up where the 'updated' version comes from. So, it is not really an 'update' then.

Somewhere along the line, they said they were going to hide those. Because I have a handful of "Packaged, Newer version available", that are not actually available, and it makes trying to clean up my CM a mess. OK, so I am OCD, but I don't think it should be telling me there is a new version available when it isn't. Apparently, whoever was going to program the hide function got busy on something else.

EDIT - My apologies, this was not directed toward JR, but N3V, and as such was not appropriate here.