Unknown Location for Phil_C's 'Locomotive Sand' <kuid2:86105:60601:3> in TRS19 SP4


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Unknown Location for Phil_C's 'Locomotive Sand' <kuid2:86105:60601:3> in TRS19 SP4

Phil_C's 'Locomotive Sand', <kuid2:86105:60601:3> is a dependency for several routes, sessions or several dependencies of routes, such as Fall Harvest - Nebraska, a modified version of JR's Eagle River, Gawpo50's C&O Hinton Division, and a session of hiawathamr's Centrella Sub Division - TRS19. I've also found two pieces of payware that are dependencies of the latest version of Centrella Sub Division - TRS19 that are not active: <kuid:605579:100478> Seasonal_Field_05 and <kuid:605579:100481> Seasonal_Field_08, both listed as 'Packaged, Payware (Not Active)'. Anyway, this version of Locomotive Sand is listed as being included in TRS19 SP2, Build 110491, but for some reason in TRS19 SP4, build 114800, it shows up as 'Unknown Location'. So what happened to it? It's also not on the DLS, and the website that it was on is defunct, so how do I solve this problem?
I think it would be worthwhile talking to the Help Desk folk about it as they've been able to fix other dependency issues where assets have been locked out by being made Payware.
From what I gather is that exact kuid <kuid2:86105:60601:3> is used on the following
MRL SD40-2s by vinnie264 that are used in hiawathamr Shortline payware route (session Task 3:Coal for the Power Station) <kuid2:605579:100472:14> and
IC SD70 by phil_c used in hiawathamr Centrella Sub (Session Coal Delivery) <kuid2:605579:101013:14>.

Scenery Assets:
60m Loco Refuel by acardone which is in the Fall Nebraska route
Hinton Sand Bunker by gawpo50 which is in the C&O Hinton route

I just tried to install this download and I got two errors and one warning:
! <kuid2:86105:60601:3> : Asset <kuid2:86105:60601:3> is already installed. <- Warning
- <kuid2:86105:60601:3> : Not authorised to open asset <kuid2:86105:60601:3> for editing. <- Error
- <kuid2:86105:60601:3> : Unable to open asset <kuid2:86105:60601:3> for writing. <- Error