Asset change from Built-in to Payware?


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I am running TRS19 SP3 build 111951. I have the following two assets by WearsPrada showing as Built-in, Newer version available:

<kuid2:506034:455703:1> CN GP9 phase I
<kuid2:506034:455619:1> CN GP9 phase II (zebra)

But when I list versions available, the :2 versions are listed as Not Installed, Payware (not active).

For dependants, they list <kuid:661281:67517> TRS19 - JR Loco Package (498), which says it is built-in.

Have these assets changed from built-in to Payware with updates?
Hi Forester1
We have recently been preparing a variety of DLC packs for Trainz Simulator 3, which may appear as 'updates' to DLC/builtin content in some cases. In some cases it may also indicate an update is in development for that asset (noting that there is both the TRS19 JR loco pack and the original payware pack for these locos for TANE+), which may become available at a later date.
Same issue with

<kuid2:217537:53:5> QR PB15 (3ft 6in)
<kuid2:217537:58:5> QR PB15 Tender (3ft 6in)

both listed as "Installed, payware". When I check them using Asset Versions, I get

<kuid2:217537:53:6> QR PB15 (3ft 6in)
<kuid2:217537:58:6> QR PB15 Tender (3ft 6in)

both listed as "Not Installed, Payware (not active)" and will not download.
I also have the same issue with the following...

These all show as "Installed & Out of Date (Not Obsolete)

<kuid2:276266:1291:4> NKP Caboose 400 Series - Installed, Payware
<kuid2:506034:455619:1> CN GP9 phase II (zebra) - built-in, Newer version available
<kuid2:523:19723779:1> BR Duchess Blue - built-in
<kuid2:276266:100097:3> NKP S-2 Tender - built-in
<kuid2:276266:100081:8> NKP S-2 - built-in
<kuid2:276266:100121:3> NKP 40' Boxcar - Installed, Payware
<kuid2:276266:100112:3> NKP S-2 Tender Weathered - built-in
<kuid2:276266:100110:7> NKP S-2 Weathered - built-in
<kuid2:661281:35127:5> NYC J3a-Dreyfuss - built-in
<kuid2:217537:53:5> QR PB15 (3ft 6in) - Installed, Payware
<kuid2:217537:58:5> QR PB15 Tender (3ft 6in) - Installed, Payware
<kuid:523:19721020> LMS Princess Coronation Blue - Installed, Newer version available, Payware
<kuid2:506034:455703:1> CN GP9 phase I - built-in, Newer version available

Yet "List Asset Versions" shows them all as "Not Installed, payware (not active)"

<kuid2:523:19721020:1> LMS Princess Coronation Blue
<kuid2:276266:1291:5> NKP Caboose 400 Series
<kuid2:506034:455619:2> CN GP9 phase II (zebra)
<kuid2:523:19723779:2> BR Duchess Blue
<kuid2:276266:100097:4> NKP S-2 Tender
<kuid2:276266:100121:4> NKP 40&#39 Boxcar
<kuid2:276266:100081:10> NKP S-2
<kuid2:661281:35127:6> NYC J3a-Dreyfuss
<kuid2:276266:100112:4> NKP S-2 Tender Weathered
<kuid2:276266:100110:8> NKP S-2 Weathered
<kuid2:506034:455703:2> CN GP9 phase I
<kuid2:217537:53:6> QR PB15 (3ft 6in)
<kuid2:217537:58:6> QR PB15 Tender (3ft 6in)

Note - the QR PB15 & tender and the CN GP9's are the same as Pware & Forester1 have already mentioned. The other 9 have been like this since SP3 (build 111951)

Checking for out of date assets used to be easy, but now I have to remember that these 9 (now 13) can't be updated.
How many more will there be?
Have the same with this issue, plus:

<kuid:523:19721100> Aerotrain NYC Loco
<kuid:523:1972928> PRR T1 1942
<kuid2:45324:100119:5> AMTK F40PH ph3 (early)
<kuid2:45324:100122:5> AMTK F40PH ph3
<kuid2:45324:100123:1> AMTK P42DC Heritage phIV
<kuid2:45324:100159:1> CNW C40-8
<kuid2:45324:100273:1> CNW Dash 9-44CW
<kuid2:45324:100285:1> AMTK P42DC ph V
<kuid2:45324:100289:1> AMTK P42DC ph III
<kuid2:45324:100345:1> NS Maersk SD40-2 2a1
<kuid2:217537:360:10> CHN QJ Classic TRS19
<kuid:453099:100360> K3-A 2-8-2
<kuid2:453099:100800:23> K3 2-8-2
While CM displays these "updates" in the results of a search for "updates", it does not show their status as "Newer version available".
Thanks for the response, Zec. Somehow it just seems like the mobile versions should be in their own world. Throwing it all together with the PC versions just makes a mess.
Is this causing any issues with the actual use of the assets? Are they still working okay in Trainz itself or have these available updates messed things up?
I don't think it is affecting the existing versions, just leaving a notice that newer version are (not) available.
It just makes "Newer version available" kind of a lie. I don't think they should put that until it actually IS available. I don't need to know there is a new version out there that is NOT available. Maybe that message should only go to builds actually affected.