Boughts Addons on T:ANE Steam, how to get them on Non-Steam TRS19?

Hi all, pretty much as the title suggests. I bought some addons for my Steam version of T:ANE (Coal Country, Legacy of the BN 2, CSX SD60, CSX B30-7), and I go into my non-Steam TRS19, the assets are there in content manager but listed as "Modified, Payware (not active)". I'm guessing since they were bought on Steam T:ANE, there's no way I can use those assets in non-Steam TRS19?

Thanks in advance!
You have to open a ticket with the helpdesk to have them associated with your username. It doesn't take long once they are back in the office.
To the OP (and pretty much everyone else) on how DLC's works on the two platforms:
- DLC's purchased from Steam will only work in the Steam version of Trainz and not N3V's version of Trainz.
- DLC's purchased from the Trainz Store will work in both Steam's version of Trainz (as long as your Trainz login details are entered) and N3V's versions of Trainz.

Yes, that is true but Zec has said that N3V will associate the equivalent DLC to your account so that you can add it from the Content Store. Of course, it will be the TANE version and not the TRS19 versions.