Blackstone Valley


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I've been wanting to make the Blackstone Valley route for sometime now and was woundering if anyone could tell me where I could find or make the following items for TRS2004.
Providence & Worcester B39-8, 5 track crossing with over road signals, 1 and 2 track crossings for 3 and 4 lane roads, 2 track crossing for 2 lane road with the second track at an angle, any type of MBTA locomotives and cars, street lights that change colors, and a ped crossing...make sure all the crossings have gates!
btw I'm a huge Providence & Worcester fan
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Hi Michael,

There are quite a number of Providence & Worcester items up on the DLS, and recently BNFS50 has created some multi-track road crossings that maybe of help.

If you're looking for prototypical signals, look for the searchlight signals. These are totally awesome and reflect the type of signals found up here in the northeast.

Fishlipsatwork (Paul) was nice enough to create the terrain of the P&W route through the Blackstone Vallley from Worcester to Providence where it connects to the NEC.

I hope this helps to get you going in the right direction,

Thanks John,

The signals are a perfact match for the route! The crossings look great but I can't download them becuase their for TRS2006 and I only have 2004 so if anyone could tell me where I could find rubber crossing mats that'd be great! Also could someone please make this bear for the Worcester polar factory.
I know I'm asking a-lot but I want this route to look as real as possible.