NEW Coil Car Release At RRMods 4/5/2024


Covered hoppers
New Alstom 52ft coil cars at for TRS2019 and TRS2022!

-the most accurate and prototypical detail yet
-multiple coil hoods and include coil stops
-2 different hand brake locations
-6 different coil load sizes and configurations

The following road names are available:
WRWK 164480-164698 ex-NS 164480-164698 - Providence and Worcester Railroad

Having purchased the NS Pack before and now this one, I must say that the pictures shown don't do justice to how good these wagons look like in the game.
The different hood textures, combined with the 6 different coil load sizes and empty coil stop configurations, make these a very impressive package.
With regards to Providence and Worcester Railroad and other railroads in the North East, any modern freight wagon or locomotive released from this region will be very much appreciated. Well done RRMods team, looking forward to more top quality releases (y).

.. thankz a lot, guido73 ..