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Hey Guys, we hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Here is the schedule for our Black Friday sale:

CLUB CAR MEMBERS: You can take 40% off anything in the store and your sale starts RIGHT NOW and runs through midnight on Friday.

General Public: You can take 25% off from Midnight tonight until midnight Friday.

Again we hope ALL of you have a great Holiday wherever you may be!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Jointed Rail!
Guys --

Thanks. A very generous offer, particularly for us foreigners who don't have a"Black Friday". Well, actually, we do here in Australia - but it refers to past catastrophic wild fires.

I'm having problems paying, though. The PayPay link refuses to link. Is it my end or yours?

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Havent heard of any problems lately. Everyone who had an issue previous to today was good to go the past 2 days now and that wasnt on the paypal side of things. My only though is Paypal is getting killed today, its happened before!