Bizarre d/l size mismatch event


I downloaded the post-thusis scenery object which is defined in its description pop-up (if I recall correctly) as being about 8.3MB in size. It proceeded to download along with a number of other items and I left the PC to it whilst I prepared a meal - when I returned CMP advised me that post-thusis d/l had completed as well as one other item, but the other items could not now be d/l'd because my daily d/l limit had been exceeded.

On examining the stats of the items in the d/l helper module, it reported that post-thusis had completed at a whopping 139+ MB (which is greater than the d/l limit anyway). Even then, CMP had successfully d/l'd the next item before packing a sulk.

What do ya think of that? I didn't think of looking at the file size stat in the d/l helper module before commencing - I will from now on.

Anybody else experience this sort of event with CMP?
Well I believe it is the associated files from the file you downloaded...
right now I decided to check out the csx saginaw route and its 2.86mb around that., but right now i am downloading 76.41 mb associated with it...
ouch and I thought I had everything lol.........
hopefully the 5 missing kuids its showing are avaiable we will see.......

Note I am assuming that this type of unexpected d/l is what your talking about.....?