Tutorial: Making a Surveyor 2.0 scrapbook content item that others can use

I have found several scrapbook scenes that others have put on the DLS. Thank you to those have done so.

But the ones I have found have a type of "misc" in content manager. This makes them difficult to spot amongst other misc items. I would have thought N3V would have designated a new type for these. A recent example is Lowes Store Complete by whamm0 uploaded on May 30, 2023.
Here is a screenshot showing the issue. Notice the arrow pointing to the deleted road spline section and also an intersection has been deleted as well among other items.

I'm pretty sure what has happened here is that by rotating using the "marquee" gizmo, you are moving the terrain and that can wipe the spline point leading to the road being deleted.

The solution is to switch to the Fine Adjustment Gizmo then click on the gizmo attached to one of the assets, not the marquee. This will deselect the ground and move just the splines and scenery in your selection.