Auran EMD F7 Enginespec KUID missing

I want to increase the top speed of the Auran EMD F7a <kuid:-25:973> and I cannot locate the Enginespec file <kuid:-1:42004202> anywhere. Its not in my CM, nor on the DLS. I also searched and it can't locate it either.

What am I doing wrong??

Thank you in advance,


Phoenix, AZ
Ok, it's been a week and over 30 people have viewed this and no one can find it either. So where does an engine without an enginespec file get it's engine info? Is there a default that they all use in this case?
It is there you just need a FCT to access it, have the right version of trainz registered to you or all patches for TS12 installed.
TS12 has a new kuid for the enginespec (-25:???). Use 'View Dependencies' to find the kuid it's really using.

An Enginespec file isn't listed in the dependencies but is in the config file for the engine, yet it says it has no missing dependencies. Go figure.
If you use 'View Dependencies', you should get the following list.

default - <kuid:-25:137>
QR2100 - <kuid:-25:175>
F7 - <kuid:-25:483>
f7_bogey - <kuid:-25:485>
F7 Interior MPH RHD - <kuid:-25:1005>

The third one (kuid:-25:483) is the enginespec (in TS12 SP1).