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As I was using the old ATLS slave (<kuid2:76656:500012:20>), I was mentioned to use the new version of it (<kuid2:76656:500040:4>). So I did.

Nothing worked anymore as before, so I reinstalled the old version.

Situation is a double track with one crossing. The trigger is at 50 m, which is far enough for a speed of around 20 km/h. The gates are closed when the train comes.
The invisible track connects from the slave over one barrier to traffic stopper 1, traffic stopper 2 and then to the second barrier. The train goes on the track with traffic stopper 2.

slave -- barrier 1 -- traffic stopper 1 -- traffic stopper 2 -- barrier2

However with the new version, only one barrier that is immediately connected to the slave closes and never opens again.

slave -- barrier 1 -- ...... nothing ......
Might help
Hi, I'm actually working with TRS2022 buld 123801.

For the rest is your work much appreciated, thanks!!
Place the controller and assign a channel.
Place the discrete slave with the piece of invisible track attached and assign the same channel.

Using the 4-trigger setup as an example, since I don't know which one you use, I set things up as follows:

I place an ATLS trigger on each track some distance away to actuate the crossing and assign the same channel number to those and set up the option for 4 triggers.

I place an ATLS trigger on each side of the level crossing and repeat. There should be 4 triggers at the crossing.

I then repeat placing the ATLS triggers some distance away from the level crossing again to complete the trigger operation.

This doesn't include "wiring" up the crossing with a piece of invisible track of your choice.

Using this method, I have had a 100% success rate setting up ATLS crossing for dual direction and dual track operations.
Well that is the wrong way. place only ONE traffic stopper and place it between the two tracks! that will work 100%
Also you have to place the 4 triggers on the track as well. without the triggers it will not work!
make shore the ATLS Controller (TRS19) and the Slave(TF) (TRS19) and the Trigger (TRS19) are set the work on the same channel!
Each Crossing should be using its own channel.

ATLS Manual with instructions and samples download it here:
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Probably, it is not clear on the screenshots, but I put effectively the 4 triggers and put everything on the same channel.

I will try with one traffic stopper as you propose, but the problem is that the barriers don't do what they have to, the traffic is ok.