Asset to put text on the ground, visible in Driver


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Is there an asset to put text on the ground (visible in driver)? If not, any pointers on how to create one (I have not created any assets before, let alone anything with configurable text).

I searched the DLS, but because "texture" overlaps with "text", I got way too many results.

I am working on a tutorial route, and I would like to identify the different concepts in the route, so that a driver in explore mode is able to find the specific concepts. An alternative would be to use station signs, or a textual billboard. But existing ones are too small.
There are various signs of various sizes you can use.

Other kinds of tags might be difficult to see unless the person in driver is flying along above the ground and even then they'd have to be really close to see them anyway.

You can make one of your own using Blender. I can't help you here. The last time I made any models was back in 1994.
I am sure someone will pick up this request and make something for you. It would help greatly if you specified exactly what the creator should aim for, such as how big the text should be, whether its background should be opaque, semi-transparent or even completely see-through, should the sign vanish at some distance (if so, how far from the camera). There may be other properties that you want, but I won’t try to guess further.