Are there still forum login issues?


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I am leaving on a trip tomorrow and wanted to make sure I could log into the forums on my new phone. But the login keeps saying it is not valid. It seems that was an issue with chrome when the new forum started? Is it still an issue? Do I need to log all of my browsers out and try? I guess I will try that....

EDIT: No go. I made sure I was logged out of the forums and from MyTrainz on all of my PC browsers and on my new phone, but still not go on the login. :(
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Still no go for my phone. Sadly, it looks like I will be incommunicado for the first half of May. I guess my trip will keep me from suffering withdrawal, but I am going to miss these forums. See you in about 20 days folks!
Sorry, my bad. I had my password wrong. Duh! This thread can be closed, deleted, removed, nuked, or whatever!