April Fools Day - Open Season


33 Year Old Railfan
So tommorrow is the big day: April Fools day, or as I call it, Open Season. I'm probably not going to be able to 'have some fun' tommorrow, since we're going to a theme park for the day. Then again, my cousin works there, so I might find out if he's done anything then. Anyway, I wrote this blog so that people could post their most clever April Fools day pranks for people to read (and get a few ideas . . . . . .)

Here's mine:
My mom pitches a fit whenever I forget to take my medications in the morning, so I call her and go (sounding like I was going to confess):
Me: "Mom, I hate to say this,"
Mom: "What"
Me: "Um, I forgot to take my meds this morning."
Mom: "I'm gonna kill you."
Me: "Guess what? APRIL FOOLS!"
Mom: "I'm still gonna kill you."
(I hang up)

A few minutes later, she calls me, but I don't get to the cellphone in time. I learned from her that she tried to call me and tell me that I did not meet some requirements to graduate from High School (I was in College at the time), and that I would have to go back to High School and take it all over.

What did you do?

P.S. If she did kill me, would I be writing this blog or would I be six feet under the ground?