Appeal to Oknotsen re his Routes


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Hi I was looking forward to installing in TANE-CE your route "Multi Level Layout Huttel" My absolute favourite route. When I looked into the Download Station for TANE you are not represented at all.
So I am appealing for you to reconsider and port some of your routes over to TANE. regards JohnMac
Happy to read you like my route(s)!

Even though I had pre-beta access to this TANE project, I did not find time and interest in actually installing it. I work with (new) software in my daily life which gave enough work the last few months already.
the Download Station for TANE you are not represented at all.
TANE is currently in BETA (although it seems to behave as pre-beta in a lot of cases). As a result a lot of things will not work (yet). My routes are apparently part of that.
Content Manager is one of the things that is not 100% functional. If it does not show any of my 200+ assets, we can safely say it is not functional at all.

I have no knowledge about preventing assets to not be available for specific versions and even if I had I do not have the intention to limit it for current and future available versions.

I do expect a bunch of assets to start giving warnings, but that should not limit them from being used (yet).
The "level" assets used for the Huttel route should probably be giving warnings as they are (I think) over 500 poly's each, but given the size of those objects (500+ by 500+ meters) that can never give any performance issue's.
Oknotsen I will keep my fingers crossed that it appears in the full version at the end of February. regards JohnMac
Great news I can now uncross my fingers. The route is now on Tane and I have installed it. magic regards JohnMac