where is junction 1?


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My AI consist stopped and the error message that appears says: "Unable to plot route - junction is missing lever after junction junction 1"
That's not a typo, "junction" is repeated.
The problem is there is no junction 1 in my route so is that just a placeholder in build 122399? Or is the message being truncated?

It would be great if you have a discord account, so there you can send photos and share your screen if needed. The problem seems to be from a invisible junction, I would help you further. My discord is Fineas10.

Sorry, I don't Discord. Had a look there but no thanks.
The next time I see that message, I'll post it here.
junction 1.JPG
Looking closer, it appears that the junction name has been truncated. Since many junctions can start with the number 1, i.e, 10, 100, 1000 etc, this results in a rather unhelpful message.
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Have had this problem numerous times and found that the error message USUALLY truncates the junction as you state above. junction 77 could be 771 , 771 ,7722, etc.. If you use the "find object" command in driver mode it will usually give you all the possible combinations and UNFORTUNATELY you have to go thru most of them. Also look for broken track and also switches that are NOT tied to an intersection but just in the straight section of track. Very common on my beginner route haha.