Annoying sounds !!


On my own route I run Duchess Class Locos and (not all the time) they make a scraping sound which I suspect is coal being shovelled. Can I via the config file stop this action ?
On the same route "impatient drivers" sound car horns which is fine if they are held up at a crossing BUT I have checked all the route and can find no reason for the "impatience" as all crossings are open to road traffic - sometimes it is distant and other times close - again is there a solution ?

I know someone will know the answer - faith springs eternal.

Hi Ron,

Sorry there's no way to fix the honking drivers. This is built into the sim its self. I agree this is quite annoying.

With the steam locomotive, others might have an answer, but this might also be a built-in asset or script thing as well.

Thanks John - Might have to invest in some earplugs - or use fingers !! One wonders who thinks these things may be acceptable.

Honking horns can indeed be eliminated.

Look at your region file. Copy that kuid down for later use.

Open Content Manager and find the kuid above. This is the "Region" kuid.

Among other things, there will be a list of cars. How many cars depends on the creator of the
Region kuid.

Now the hard part. Make a list of the kuids' of all the cars in the region.
Each of those cars may have a horn.

To silence the horn requires editing each of the cars by eliminating the sound file
from the car kuid. This can be done by editing the car config file.

You can also delete the sound files from the asset after the config edit.
I don't do that just in case I want the horn at a later date.

It takes a while if you have a large car list.

My car list numbers 34 cars. They all work just fine.

Make sure you have those car numbers in order, ei 0 thru the last car.
If you miss a number, any cars after the missed number will not show in the game.

Your are not editing the region file. The only reason to open it is to get a list of the
car kuids'. The cars for operation in the region are listed as 'Category' - 'Track Objects',
NOT vehicles. Any car for use on roads will be a Track Object.

Good luck!

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Sure... He could do that, but that's an awful lot of work to eliminate honking horns! I'd rather turn the volume down or wear earplugs! :D

Thanks AL for the info - all seems ok as regards vehicles - still working on the "shovelling" sound !!

Hi Ron,

Could you perhaps give us an example of when the 'shovelling' sound occurs? Is it every time the train is doing something, e.g. going at a certain speed?

The sound of shovelling - scraping - is intermittent - sometimes from the very start in the railyard and other times not until the loco gets up to
around 45 mph. Only the Duchess Class seems to do this.

From what I'm reading, it would seem this sound is specific to one locomotive.

That would mean that the sound is located in that specific asset folder.

Open the asset in CM and look for the .WAV files.

If you double click any .WAV file, it should play for you in Windows Media Player.
This will allow you to zero in on the file that's causing you problems.

Once you narrow the sound to the one file, open the config file of the asset and
look under the Tag 'Soundscript'. You will see that sound file reference there.

You can delete the reference to that file, commit the asset, and the sound should be gone.

Give it a shot. Keep us updated.

I do not have that locomotive. As a result I really can't tell you where
to look for those files.

The config should give you some hint as to where the sounds are originating from if
they come directly from that asset.

Look at the locomotive dependencies to see if one of them is generating the sounds.

Other than that, I'm no help at all... Sorry.

I once found an annoying great bonging bell sound KB asset hidden under a church, on a route ... It was so loud that it constantly startled me outa' my skin :hehe:
The sound files are located in the Duchess Interior dependency. Many Duchess assets and dependencies are built-in and editing them might cause more problems than you fix.