Which trees?


Now I have a decent machine, I am finally getting around to updating the Oxford to Queens route as it is one of my favourites, however, I am a little confused as to the trees I should be using on the route.

There are several trees out there (Eucalypts) and they seem to range in Trainz versions but the question is which should I use when upgrading the route?

There are several Auran trees with a Trainz version of 3.9 and there are several RMM trees with versions 4.2 and above.

As I am upgrading using Trainz+ and S20, I suspect I should be using the RMM trees, but am I correct in assuming that?

Any tree that works in TANE and up will work fine in TRS22 including Auran's 3.9 version. RMM's trees are really nicely done and I recommend them. I find Auran's trees to be horsey and clumsy sometimes.