Found: Annoying truck horn sound - phew!


I'm creating a route in the 1950s Glory Years USA region and there is a very annoying truck horn that sounds way too often. I found this thread: "Extremely IRRITATING HONKING NOISE!"

That dealt with the cars honking at crossings but not the truck horn. I finally found this asset which is included in the traffic for the region:
<kuid2:78865:168127:3> mayflower_gmc_astro_95_traffic.

That was the culprit! I replaced the horn_loop.wav with a silent sound file and now I have peace and quiet. I thought perhaps someone could use this little piece of info!


Some sounds are annoyingly over the top. I've done that myself with a foghorn on one of the old lighthouses.

I also spent hours hunting down barking hounds and a child coughing. The sounds would be okay if they were local but instead, they can be heard clear across the route. The child coughing sounded like the poor child had the croup and was ready to toss a lung out somewhere, and the dogs not much better.

Where were they? The kid coughing was hidden under a house. I had to go door to door in grid view until I found the sound asset. The hounds were hidden up in the hills and that thing took a while to find. Since there were multiples of those, I used the bulk update/replace utility to delete that thing once and for all.
Wow John, that was a lot more difficult than what I had to do. I figured it was traffic, but the region has 81 traffic cars! I decided to park myself over a road and wait for the horn. When it beeped, I very quickly noticed the Mayflower van. I got lucky I guess!
Thanks for the tip! There was a nice little route that had a sternwheeler steamboat in it, and it took me a while to figure out that it was the source for a very annoying tune that kept playing over and over ad nauseum and could be heard all through the route. Oy!