Alpine River Route WIP Thread. (Large Screenshots)

An explaination and a half.

As some of you may know, recently ANL replied to one of my progress shots on my WIP FEF series (in the Gmax and 3ds max renders thread.) He claimed that I reverse-engineered his meshes. The following link is a link to his post and subsequent replies.

ANL was correct on one thing in his rather bold post, a CSA tender does not belong on an FEF-1. That was my mistake as I was far too hasty to get a progress screenshot up. This then caused me screw up and take a picture of the wrong mesh. (Not to mention that by the time I was about ready to fall over from sheer exhaustion. For obvious reasons too.)

And as to why I even have a CSA Challenger tender mesh on my hard drive. I will explain that as well.
I feel that the best way for me to explain is to reveal my future 3d modeling plans. This list includes a good chunk of the UP steam fleet as I cannot help but notice the rather large gap in UP (and SP) steam. These are in addition to the FEFs and the 9000s (Which I plan to finish up before really continuing on other locomotives.) Note: If the time I have already spent on both the 9000s and the FEFs is anything to judge by, the following list could very well take me a very long time to get through.

All my 3d modeling plans in "chronological" order:

UP 4-6-6-4 Challengers, CSA and Late. (Already in progress. I can be rather impatient sometimes...)
GP20 (was in progress until I restarted the project because it looked horrible. [In my eyes at least.] I have not really worked on it since.)
UP 4-8-2s
UP 2-10-2s
UP 2-8-2s
UP 4-8-8-4 (Still under consideration.)

Now, I do not really know if the following is absolutely necessary, but I will still make note of this anyway.
To further prove that my FEF models are in fact mine, I have created 3 major things that I believe make my models different than ANL’s. There are certainly more

  1. Polycount: My models currently have/had a nearly ridiculous poly count. I have stated this fact before, and I will state it again. For example, the boiler on the FEF-3 (along with other boiler details) had nearly 105k polys before I came back over the mesh with a decimate modifier to reduce the number of polys. Now, It is sitting at around 10k This is the how the boiler now looks in edit mode:

  2. Unlike ANL’s FEF model, the “bands” that go around the boiler go all the way around, as opposed to stopping when they reach the sand domes on top. I know this because if you look closely at ANL's model in the PEVsoft 3d mesh viewer, the bands stop just before the sand domes. (Note, I have hidden some of the mesh so that this is easier to see. Man, I love that you can hide vertices in blender...)

  3. I have witnesses! One of which is Trainz_12_fan_100. I am very appreciative of him coming to my defense in response to ANL’s claim.
    I know USSc1798 (Skype) and he is constantly using every second of free time he has (Considering he is currently in College) and I have watched him make them via share screen. He puts a lot of time and effort into making these for the public (Spoiler Alert: It wont be free), since ANL has stopped working or making models for trains due to gimme pigs. We all should be complimenting him and not accusing him of stealing mesh files. I have a sharp feeling I will receive a moderator message shortly after posting this. I am sticking out for my 'friend' who has been wrongly accused.

Once again, these are simply the three big (and obvious) ones I will mention for now.

I would also like to confirm Trainz_12’s statement about the content being payware. I will also add some detail. First, it will be extremely cheap. The price of which (for all three locos) will be between 1 and 5 USD. (Haven't really decided yet. Second, I have no ambitions to make much if anything off the content. I am fully cool with the money being used to help support NARM.

Furthermore, once my college tests are over with I plan to create a YouTube video that shows how I created some of the meshes I did. I may also create another video that will show how to create a simple boiler mesh from scratch. (In blender) I may even put up a few timelapse videos every now and then…

Also, @Duck Engine: Thats the general idea. While I can’t say that I like ANL, I do have to admit that his content was excellent and well detailed. And l respect him for that. The amount of detail that he put into his FEFs is something that I have been trying to mimic in my own version of the FEF series. I and I sure hope that I am creating a mesh that is at least halfway decent.

On a final note, I hope that what I have said assures and proves to everyone that these meshes are, in fact, the work of my own hands.

P.S. “Think before you post” - USSc1798
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