WIP-Montauk & Aberdeen V2 *Large Screenshots Possible*


Good afternoon fellow Trainzers? Its been some time since i have built any content that wasn't a personal project or a spur of the moment modification thought up and tacked into an existing route as a personal experiment. Most of you will have heard about the TNSR shutdown thread, in which Matt3985 asked about my scrap 4-8-2 mountain reskin. I was pretty surprised to see anyone mention it, as that one was made over two years ago! But nonetheless, I'm glad some of my old stuff has been put to use somewhere.

Now lets get on to the actual reason i began this thread. I have resurrected two of my old projects, namely my scrap steamers project and now a rebuild of the only route I created that actually made it to the DLS, the Montauk & Aberdeen. A Class II fictional shortline on the North Carolina coastline, nestled in a bay protected by barrier islands. The line serves a fictional interchange with the Norfolk Southern, who inherited the line and freight contract from predecessor Norfolk & Western. The Montauk & Aberdeen's history goes back to the mid 1920s, when the line was first built. Connecting the mainline rail network with a bustling seaport, and several small industries along its route, the M&A board of directors shrewdly managed the financial aspects of the railway, resulting in a very healthy line, even though the Great Depression in the 1930s hit them hard. After WWII, the M&A enjoyed healthy years once again. With its shorter length and good financial standing, it was the only shortline in the USA to remain 100% steam powered into the 21st century, much to the amazement of the rest of the nation. Powered by an ex-NYC K-11 4-6-2, the M&A grudgingly acquired an ex-NYC diesel, an F7A, to handle the passenger trains that ran onto the NS mainline after dieselization occurred in the 1960s. The present day finds the M&A host to a surprisingly varied stable of motive power, including CN steamers, two CN diesels, and the oddball pair of an ATSF SD45 and C30-7, both saved for preservation. Additionally, the M&A shops handle work on other railroads locomotives, due to the quality of the repairs made in their modest but very up-to-date shops in the small railroad town of Montauk, NC.

I will be working on these as time allows, and there will be both a TS12 and TANE version. Screenshots to follow soon.
Interesting Story line about the Power running on your fictional Route, keep the pictures coming.

Update Reply: Everyone loves a good story, and sorry to hear about your CPU Hiccups,

Was wondering, did you backup your user Directory's in case your CPU goes Terminal?
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Thanks Blue. I have a bit of a knack for thinking up things like that. Right now work has paused on both projects, as my laptop seems to once again be having hiccups. I should mention that this route will use a lot of grass, as i am trying to stick to a realistic shortline appearance, as well as the often thick undergrowth and shrubbery of the carolina coast.
Quick update tonight, and screenies to follow in this thread plus one of the other screenshot threads. Thankfully my pc is sorted out and I am once again working on the TANE edition of this route. The engine shops are temporary right now, as i have used the Vernon shops from the Legacy of the BN II route over at JR. Somehow the NYC F7 that used to be on USLW has gone missing, and the site looks like it was hacked or something. Its since been replaced with a NYC F3A. The engine shop area is reconfigured from the former edition, and does not include a turntable for now. Focusing on trackwork and bridges for now, as well as trees and grass. Expect thicker trees and shrubs on this one, and not much road traffic, as both towns are fairly small compared to others. I have added two tracks behind the station for storage of express cars, which will have a 4-car consist of NYC cars available on the DLS by whitepass. I do not have an ETA for release, hoping to get it done by December, and then I will port it back to TS12 to finish that version up. Screenshots to follow later tonight.
The M&A's resident CN S-1b 2-8-2 crosses the new steel truss bridge with a cut of log cars in tow, bound for the Montauk freight yards. Eventually, they will be sent to a nearby sawmill, and then the finished lumber will be sent down to the port as part of a sizable export order.

More updates to follow soon, I am nearly done with the trackwork, and will now be moving onto flora and fauna.
I'm gonna be kind of blunt here but your ground texture is kind of bland.

That will be redone in time. I am focusing on finishing up the trackwork and structures right now, as there are still a few spots that need minor fixes. Once that is done i will concentrate on the ground textures, plants, and trees. This scene will look entirely different when i am finished with it.
Good morning all, since there's been no updates for a while, and it appears my screenshots have gone with the death of hostthenpost, I will be uploading new screenies within the next week. I finally have a new laptop, so rebuild will commence as soon as i can get a external CD drive and install TS12. More updates will follow soon.
Good evening all, I've finally started work again on the in-progress rebuild of the M&A. Current changes from the previous version include better aligned trackwork, some scenery changes, and a lot of scenery work along the river. I would also like to thank Trainboi1 for helping me fix my trackwork, especially the spaghetti bowl of yard tracks i had before he smoothed everything out. Also due to something i have found out from the folks at TEH, I have swapped the SAL switchstands as they are no longer available. An announcement on TEH's home page explains why the content was pulled in more detail. Have four screenshots for you tonight, one being a completed scene of the trestle on the route, which is similar to the level of detail i will be putting into the rest of the route. Currently, only a reskin of Ben Neal's K-11 4-6-2 will be released alongside the route, with changed whistle and enginesounds.



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Its been a while since i posted any updates, and more has been done. The shed and shop area have been completely redesigned, relaid, and made a bit better. As this is a heavily forested area, the trees and grass will be reasonably thick. The station has been swapped for a different one that fits the location better. The platforms for the station itself are in a pack which i will name here once i have checked where it is, its a Polish dependency pack that i will provide a link to here as well as in the release thread when i am finished with the rebuild.



Welp, 4 months since the last update I guess. Time really does fly when your not paying much attention to it. So there's been some relatively big updates and changes. I accidentally deleted the route but had an autosave of it and have since been rebuilding that version. Trees have finally been spread out via copy paste function in surveyor and will be mixed in by hand. The roundhouse has been replaced by the 115ft version and the 115ft turntable, as well as slightly rotated. A paper industry and cold storage warehouse has also been added, as well as track improvement and more detailing. Eventually an open air museum will be added to house the preserved locomotives by the station at Montauk. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow as time allows and also be starting a second route project along with a few extra resins.
Thanks for the update........

:wave: Good to hear your around and the layout continues to grow, as per Time, it is only a measurement in linear terms, the Relevance too, dependent on how each of us puts a value to it.......

;) Nice to see you didn't lose your Route completely, I use Carbonite for backup expressly the purpose of what almost happened to you, only I lost 6 months or more of my Aussie Merge Route, and it took me many months more to rebuild, cut and fill all the changes I made in that route when I failed to make a proper backup of it, and didn't realize I had not saved my Route in that time period. Painful, regrettable and stupid on my part, I know better......As the wise ones here would say, Murphy's law.......Can and does work when you least expect it to happen.

In no way am I criticizing you in your loss, just commiserating with you, been there and done that.........

:cool: Be looking for some Pictures when you come back......Your Route really looks interesting.........
Just a quick update for you guys, I have been continuing work on my route but progress is slow due to work and being a little burnt out on Trainz. I still intend to release it eventually, but there's no set date for when it will be released.
Appreciate all the time and perseverance you put into this, BNSF9812. Hang in there and don't feel a slave to it. It will come in time….
Thanks Forester, its still not 100% complete but I've decided to do an early release as the last month and a half i have had no motivation to work on it. Its much better than the original, and thanks to trainboi1's help its a lot better than i could have ever made it myself. I will be posting a thread in the freeware thread shortly.