Alpine River Route WIP Thread. (Large Screenshots)

Horseshoe curve is around the corner!
Hello, all. As I mentioned above, the Horseshoe Curve section of this route is roughly 50-60% complete. Also, for the sake of awesomeness, I will leave the following screenshots full size.






The Horseshoe Curve Scene is DONE!
Hello all, another update coming in. And I sure hope that everyone likes the following images.







I should also mention that I DID NOT use TransDEM or MicroDEM in the creation of this scene.
My General WIPs

Hello all, from now on I will use this thread to show screenshots and provide updates for all of my WIPs.
I have already posted the following images but I will post them again for the time being...
UP FEF-1/2/3: I have not actually begun work on the FEF-1 but the FEF-2 and FEF-3 is coming along... I am also doing something different this time, to save myself a lot of frustration I did not use sketchup. I considered it but I should have just used blender for the whole thing. Anyway, most of the details on the boiler are already in place. Should be eventually released as freeware... like the UP 9000...

Speaking of the UP 9000 class, It is coming along very well... drivers are now in place, (rods are still being worked on.) and the tender is nearing completion, I still have a few more details to add to it. And then of course the bogeys.

Also, what is the suggested RPM for the animation of the bogeys?

As for the route, I have made very little progress, certainly not enough progress that it needs to be shown in a screenshot.
I should note however, that I finally got around to downloading Roon3808's READING & NORTHERN and it has given me some ideas on how to improve the route and its frame rates...
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Looking forward to more as you progress!

;) I think that is an excellent idea, I like a good story and I for myself, learn from from a good Story teller.

Engines from what I've I have heard are very hard to make, and it sure looks like your well on your way here.

I have a thread in Screenshots too, and it has been invaluable to me learning how to do things in Trainz.

The comments and questions keep me on Track so to speak, simply because there is much to learn about Railroad environment.

:udrool: Subscribing to your thread so I can watch the Story unfold. Thanks for sharing with us!
Thanks blue! I have also been watching/ reading your own route progress thread and have also found it very interesting. I also agree with you that receiving the community's feedback and encouragement really is motivating and can then in turn help better content to be released for the entire community to enjoy.

You can find that your own screenshot thread has another subscriber. :)
Joining N.A.R.M.!

Hello all,
I have been busy lately, there has not been much progress on the steam engines, but I have had the opportunity to work on the route.

I have added multiple new baseboards, extended the line, and I am already planning the City and the Industrial area that will take place within it.





On another subject, 2 days ago, I was contacted by Trainman10, the owner of NARM (North American Rail Manufacturing Group) He generously offered me a position in his group and I accepted. This means that all the content I have already released on my own site Will either become unavailable or will be moved to the NARM website.
UPRR 9000 class Project!

Hello all, i have another update coming in.
First off: just about all of the content I have already released on my own website has been moved over to NARM (they will be on the site with a couple other new things.)
Second: The UP 9000 is coming along smoothly, I have now completed the driving rods.

If anyone is wondering about a possible release date: I don't know. I am hoping to have it done before next February but thats considering nothing goes wrong and I don't get too busy.
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Looking Good Sir.........Congrats on your new position with NARM, you deserve the best and it looks like someone was watching your nice work!

That's a good way to start the New Year.:clap:
Thanks again Blue. And yeah, Trainman10 saw some of the stuff I have been working on and must have liked it, otherwise he wouldn't have offered me a position. Also, so far I am enjoying being part of a group of fellow content creators. So far, it seems like the guys at NARM are good (if not, excellent) at what they do AND they are pretty good folks who like to share their WIP screenshots with the rest of the group. (Nope, can't show any due to an assumed NDA.) Also, Its not the new year yet. Although it is pretty darned close.
Your routes city area

I have been following your route it looks great! But I have question do you plan on having a industrial branch line in your city?
I do plan on having an industrial area, but as for an actual branch line, I am not currently planning on one but to me it sounds like a good idea and it might be implemented.
UP 9000 Class In Trainz, well, kind of...

Hey Folks another update coming in on my "stuff"...

As many of you may know, the Appalachia Model R.R. that I released during the NARM 12 Days of Christmas was not compatible in T;ANE so, I went back into surveyor mode and changed the route so that it would be T:ANE compatible. Also, my Big City Sub. Model RR is also getting a T:ANE compatibility upgrade as well.

Also, the IAIS GP38-2 that was released during the NARM 12 Days of Christmas is going to get some upgrades as well. Namely, on the top of the cab a yellow area appears whenever the LOD is down so that will be fixed and the numbers on the side of the loco will also be fixed.

Now, for the UP9K and the FEF series,
I have not had the opportunity to really work on the FEF series very much. However, I have been able to "experiment" with texturing, animations, and exporting the UP9k into Trainz. Also, instead of exporting the meshes from blender, I exported them to GMAX (using an AutoCAD plugin) and then began animations, texturing, and even exporting to a .im file. The first time I tried to export the meshes into a .im file it did not work as I had expected. Well, you can see what I mean...

Yeah, I tried to export all the meshes at one time and apparently Gmax has a poly limit so that is why it didn't work out so well... UP 9000 boiler explosion all over again... lol.

On another subject, a while ago I began work on yet another Model R.R. I have worked on The Industrial District Model R.R. (which will be compatible with T;ANE). So far, I am liking how it has turned out...
Also, instead of exporting the meshes from blender, I exported them to GMAX (using an AutoCAD plugin) and then began animations, texturing, and even exporting to a .im file. The first time I tried to export the meshes into a .im file it did not work as I had expected. Well, you can see what I mean...

Yeah, I tried to export all the meshes at one time and apparently Gmax has a poly limit so that is why it didn't work out so well... UP 9000 boiler explosion all over again... lol.

Yes GMAX has a poly export limit of about 25000 per mesh. What you'll want to do is group things together. The frame, the cab, the sanding lines, the air compressors and their pipes, the injectors. And export them as submeshes, and then in the config file, attach them there. If you can keep each group within that 25000 poly limit, you'll be able to export them all without issues like this.
Thank you Stevelerro, your advice is more than welcome.

On the Subject of 3d Modeling, Trainman10 has asked me if I could create some custom assets for the Cowlitz Valley Payware Route. (So far there really isn't anything, It is more on a "as needed" basis.) So far, only one thing has needed to be created. Actually, the story behind this is kind of funny.

So Trainman10 asked me to create a wastecor light pole that has a night-and-day cycle with lights. (The JR wastecor lightpole does not have this.) I told them that I could and I did. (Picture below) after sending this piece of content over to him we found out that it was half the size it needed to be. "****!" What only made it worse is that I did not save the gmax file after exporting the asset into Trainz. (Cue in the "****!") Suddenly, an Idea occurred to me, why not just use the JR wastecor light pole and simply put a light pool at it's base. Sure wish I had thought of that earlier, but hey, I got some more experience. Yay! :eek: :) lol!

In other News, all of my current routes are now compatible in T:ANE, which is nice.


And of course, thanks to SRS for the AWESOME Dash 9s
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Thanks Dundun! Keep up the excellent work on your projects as well!

Well, No other "real" news today, but I have decided to share some screenshots that I personally think are pretty good. I hope everyone else likes them as well!

IAIS 707 is pulling a short train on the Big City Sub. Mr. Vanhuesen (The Owner of the Fictional Model R.R.) has dimmed the lights for a Dawn like effect.

N&W Steamers. the K&L Polar express is joining in on the fun as well.


NYC 0-8-0 Switcher doing what switchers do best.


Three Santa Fe Diesels heading down "Big City Curve"


Perhaps My Favorite Screenshot in this post. (I like the IAIS one almost as much.) SP 4449 is waiting for a heavy freight train before continuing its excursion run.

Here's a Question, Why pay for something you could just make yourself? IAIS ES44AC.

No, this reskin cannot and will not be released. (1. It's a reskin of a JR Loco. 2. Even though NARM has received permission to release reskins of JR content before, JR already has a payware version of this loco. (Its probably better too!)

In other news another reskin is nearing completion: An INRD GP38-2. (This was actually a request by someone. [I don't know who.] Actually, I don't really know why someone requested this, JR already has a pretty good freeware version of this loco. But I still made it. Whatever. More experience for me!

Yeah, still a WIP. This one will get released.

Well, tha tha tha that's all folks! (For now...)
Progress on the FEF: Getting ready to export to Trainz, just have to make a couple finishing touches left to do.

EDIT: Actually, not quite ready to export to Trainz. You see, I created this render using Cycles Nodes, which are not compatible with Trainz...
Also note: I changed my mind. The FEFs will be payware...
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