After some thought - It's time to hang up my hat

Hopefully if I can sell the meshes on, the rights to them go as well so who ever purchases the mesh file can do what they want with them release them as payware or freeware

Hopefully they won't be gone for ever


Thats good and all, but what about the S160 you were making?
Well hobbies are hobbies and there is no shame to change them as interests change. Good luck with your photography. By the way, those are some very nice images on your flickr page.
pursue my dream job
Not many have the guts to pursue their dream job, so: :clap::Y: Good luck on your new journey and thank you for your what the past has brought us.

Thats good and all, but what about the S160 you were making?
What about you read an answer when you get one?
See post 12:
When I get a moment I will sort my mesh files and discuss with UKBL & TCWW members on the future of them.
The s160 mesh I started will be for sale as well as it was going to be a payware project where some of the money made from it was going to go help the restoration of 5197 at the churnet valley railway.

But there's still one thing I don't understand: what happened to the reskinnable Barclay locomotives? Were they sold too?
Thats good and all, but what about the S160 you were making?

The S160 has now been sold, and will soon be with its new owner, who is planning to finish it, i wont say who the buyer is as i will leave that to him

i wish him luck with the project and maybe one i may pop on here to see the finished item :)

Just like to update you all,

All my meshes have now been sold and sent to there new owners.

would like to thank you for all the support you have given over the years

the payware store is now closed

Hi Andy,

just saying hello, I didn't expect to see you around here, I hope all is good for you. :)

Looks like you've got yourself a pretty fine new copy of Trainz there.
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Chris i have been away so just saw this, i understand your decision but i regret it for your wonk is wonderful and very creative, i am just entering the world of Trainz and had been studying what you did for inspiration but being a creative professional for some 45 years, i totally empahtize that there is only so much time and energy and we want to do our work on the highest level there is no second best for us. take care and your photo work is superb. thanks a lot and hope you stay in touch.
Im ok had a lot of changes in my life some bad but a great deal good. Im still keeping an eye on trainz not creating as much as I used to but having a dabble here and there not so much time as I once had