Advice on content creation for TRS19...


So I used to be huge into TRS09... started creating a large route out of Frankfurt using a lot of CJ187s stock. Started getting in to SketchUp and Blender making custom assets for the route - SketchUp for scenery and Blender for Train assets. One thing I REALLY wanted was a modern image crane... The Kirow crane series peaked my interest, (Its DB and looks great!!!) and so I started working away at it.... Dreaming of making it animated like the DB Ardelt version (Cant remember who to credit right now sorry.) I stupidly lost a LOT of work in TRS09 and it killed my motivation. So the project stopped.

My question to you guys - How much work will it take to revive this project for TS19?! I'm talking animated crane to the max: Rotating, extending, raising, counterbalancing, individual support legs, the whole shebang. Is it possible still?? I've also been having scripting ideas trying to figure if I could get the crane to load a product from another carriage... IE pick up a load from a nearby wagon rather than an industry....


Anyway, here's a screen grab of where I got to.... Hope this works!!


Thanks for the answer, maybe one day youll see a working crane from me!.

This is a hard place to get involved apparently, one new post and I've been rated as terrible :confused: Is there something wrong with this post??
And no that wasn't me asking for up votes! Just seeing if there is anything i can do better with my postings in the future :hehe::hehe:
I will ask though, how do i make an image appear in my reply instead of a link?

I clicked the insert image on the toolbar help but it wouldnt produce the image in the reply...? This was using the same Flickr image as above..

Thanks for any help
Best results I have had are by uploading to the Trainz Gallery, copying the link to the image there, then pasting the link using the icon that looks like a picture (I believe that is the Insert Image icon you mentioned). Usually works every time, but the forums appear to be under construction this week, and things are not normal. KUIDs are getting dropped, Carriage returns are ignored, and as I type this, there is no top bar with the icons for pasting links, images and emojis. So maybe things are just not working this week.