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The CTS-Asset is a empty asset (in Blender is this an empty or one mayconsider it as a unvisible one-dot-asset). This empty is necessarybecause any asset with positiondatas must have a mesh. This CTS-Assetis able to get all data of all its subassets to deal with. From another sight it may considered as a script-asset and from a third sideit’s a part of the CTS-messaging-system as the connector to theworld.

The properties menu lets add CTEs with its CCR, the CIOs to it and theCDUs as well as the CSTs to the CDUs. That all this is on the CTSmakes sense because the CTS knows about the cranes servie-pathes(crane-way Y, trolley-way X, gear-way Z). So the CTS is able to checkif all CTEs and CIOs are reachable by the crane.

Because CDUs and CIOs my appended to more then one CCR, the objects yetbuilded in are reusable (espacialy CDUs and CIOs.

Allthis is possible by one of the strongest concepts of Trainz,asset-suops. The other strong feature is the event-driven, two level(major-minor-message) messaging system.

The CCR knows about his possible CIO- and CDU-areas in his soup. Thecrane is parent of the trolley and the trolley is parent of the gear.This allows the gear-origin to arrive the container-places in theCDUs and CIOs.

Abstract Crane 5.jpg

Of course may the CIO-area contain more than one CDU, which is able togive the informations about it to the CCR and/or the CTS.

You may ask why there is a difference between CST and CIO. The CIO is aCST with maximun one container? No right fully. In a CST theundermost containers stay at the floor. The CIO needs additionalmethods to explain where the floor is because the different CTR havedifferent floor-heights. This causes, that the CTR should know aboutits container-attachment-points (?1) and is able to tell them to the CTS respectively the CCR.

Finally grows the idea to me, that some of the basic-assets should be anempty-asset: gear-asset, trolley-asset and crane-asset.The content-creators of cranes may use them to add them to theirassets and update the basic-assets standard-values to their needs. Andyes, this basic-assets need a visible mesh to find them in surveyor,so they are not only one-dot-meshes but real mashes.

One thing to explore is to have knowlege about the collision areasbetween cranes. No really idea to that yet (?2). May be that a kind of "collision-crane-list" is helpfull, to know about possible cranes with overlapping moving-areas.

June 19, 2023 – Things yet to glean:
(?1)Is it possible to get the attachmentpoint-position with given methodsor should it be an other additional attribute to the soup of theCTRs.
(?2)How should a collision-system between different CCR work? Who holds the "collision-crane-list"?

June 20, 2023 – Some changing thoughts to CDUs, CIOs and CSTs:
It shouldn’t give CDUs and CIOs but only CDUs and therefor two kind of stacks that work as CST and CIO. Or indeed it may be only one kind where the floor-height is variable? The hight is 0 and will be modified on ariving-event of a CTR.