aCTS (2) - A scenario with container-terminal-systems (CTSs) ...


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Here are two charts, that visualise such a scenario.

Trainz-Szenario CTS-Network.jpg Trainz-Szenario CTS-Location.jpg

Letshave a deeper look at this.

There is a network of CTS and some transport connections. Attachedto every (may be the most) CTS are container-pack-unpack-industriesthat gets products from connected industries, packs them intocontainer and sends them to the products destinations as well asunpack products out of containers and delivered them to the suitingconnected industries.

At this stage we could thing one step deeper and look atsubcontainers like boxes, crates, pallets and other subcontainers.For now we will omit this, but keep it in our mind.