A way to deal with unsightly tunnel portals


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Tunnels can be very hard to work with. Most of them snap into directions you don't want them to go, and you have to work around that to make your trackwork straight with no kinks. Most of the tunnels have decent portals, but most are not electrified. This leaves us with the following tunnels:

Tunnel Beton 2t (KUID 64819:38002)
Tunnel Beton 2t E (KUID 64819:38003)

When applied to your route, photo 00 shows what you get:


Nicely-shaped portal, actually, but blindingly white and pretty unattractive.

To counter this, I've discovered a way to hide 90% of that white and make the portal pretty decent looking. To do that, you need the following:

FMA Complete Bridge Concrete w 8 (KUID2:52:37369:2)
Retaining Wall Dark Stone (KUID2:56199:37002:1)

And, as you'll see in photo 03, to cover a tiny white square, you will need:

Retaining Wall Greystone (KUID2:69518:37126:3)

Photo 01 shows the FMA bridge in place across the portal. It is lowered down until the center of the bridge just touches the top of the portal arch. Don't worry about the rounded bulge that sticks up through the bridge. Move the bridge sidewalls in until they just hide the front of the portal arch.


Photo 02 is a closer look at how the bridge covers the portal arch.


Now, once all that is in place, it is time to cover the rest of the portal. I use Retaining Wall Dark Stone as I happen to like that particular texture, but you can use any other type of retaining wall as long as it has the same height as mine.

Once you get the retaining wall down to the point at which is just touches the bridge, you have picture 03. As I mentioned, if the retaining wall is adjusted downwards just right, there is a small pop-through of portal to cover. I circled it.


You might think that the terrain will cover the white square, but due to the nature of the portal, it will pull down any efforts at covering and keep "unhiding" that square. To cover that, I use a retaining wall with no railing named 'Retaining Wall Greystone'.

In place and adjusted to the same vertex height at the other retaining wall, it will cover the white square, as picture 04 shows,


Seen from ground level again, with the bridge and both retaining walls in place, you have picture 05.


Turn on the terrain textures, and this is the completed portal modification. The little white triangles can be nearly hidden by catenary or signs, or just left alone as they don't really detract from the overall look.


And, there you have it.

You can disable the Snap to Grid by editing the confiig file height tag to be -1

And cover up allot of the big block-head tunnel portal with twees an schwubbery

And lay your own track (MP Tunneltrack Dark) independent of the tunnels track, @ 0.02m higher than the tunnels track





By Fred24
Tunnel 1 voie
Tunnel 1 voie 1000 mm
Tunnel2_1 voie
Tunnel3_1 voie
Tunnel4_1 voie

By Rodgilfer
Tunnel 3
Tunnel 3 without track

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True, that's another way, but you cite a 6-year old thread for TS2004, too. If you don't get the underlying track jus right, taking the same curve (if curved) as the tunnel, then it won't look right when you travel through it. I've tried that method before with mixed results. My method doesn't mess with ANY of the tunnel's config file. I probably shouldn't have mentioned the tunnels propensity for jumping around at odd angles.

I never join track to a tunnels track, and the Snap to Grid and auto dighole is an awful, antiquated design, from the get go, as they deform the track leading into, and out of the tunnel ... all my tunnels are straight.

The reason why your tunnels is blindingly white is because there is something wrong with the tunnels texture not showing up, or you need to create an alpha image with free irfanview.

Your tunnel shows a blocked-up portal with stone blocks ... not very useful for running trains through.

There are multitudes of tunnel portals, and LP Bridges (laid as short as the can be laid) make very useful tunnel portals.

LP Tunnel 1t
LP bridge arc 1t
LP bridge arc 2t
LP Tunnel 1t TS12
LP Tunnel 1t TRS 2012
MP-Tunneltrack dark
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The reason why your tunnels is blindingly white is because there is something wrong with the tunnels texture not showing up, or you need to create an alpha image with free irfanview.

Interesting .... :eek:

One would think that when you upload the DLS would pick these errors up, thus, rejecting the item because it needs an alpha image!

It is a very interesting topic, and I think that someone should correct all Snap to Grid tunnels on the DLS, so that they do not snap to grid, so that they go straight, do not apply their own dighole, and do not deform the terrain.
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Deforming the terrain is my biggest complaint. One has to resort to all sorts of methods to cover up all those puckered 'holes' behind the portal. In fact, I'd be happy if tunnels didn't eve have a portal. Let me build my own, or apply a pre-built portal. I can deal with digholes by applying one or two (depending on the size of them) and adjusting the tunnel slightly to fit the holes exactly.

I've downloaded them before. Every one of his tunnels are missing KUID2:53261:38072:1. I've never found out what that was.

I've edited quite a few tunnels to remove the auto-position and such, but I'm open for more suggestions.

<kuid2:53261:38072:1> is by egos48 probably on Trainzitalia, but it is probably a metric track and is probably unavailable

So it is better to edit that track kuid out in the 2 places (top and bottom) in the config file.

Change this bridgetrack <kuid2:53261:38072:1> to show <kuid:46162:38013> which is MP Tunneltrack Dark

0 <kuid:185550:38008> is a typo <----Change This to <kuid:185550:38010> which is the correct main kuid

For some reason I remember changing the height to -1 ... But mine shows height -40 ... IDK it works
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I have just tried all of fred24's tunnels. A couple of them seem workable, but the others have insanely huge portals that I simply cannot use at all. Plus, every one of them is for a single track. Virtually all of my mainlines are run with two tracks, so they just wont do at all.

Adding an Alpha to the Beton tunnels did nothing at all to toning down the blindingly white portals. I think they're made that way because even in screenshots of other routes (not on my computer) show the white portals too. Those, I can cover as I've outlined above.

I did mess up with the second bit of retaining wall. I used the wrong one that extended down way too far and blocked the tunnel with stone. My bad. Most of the time, I just use trees, bushes, or stones to cover that white square.

I have a work around about the big portal on the one end ... Using the "Hold Shift" key, I lay those big portals inside the mountain, in the center ... and the other tunnel the reverse ... leaving those big block head portals hidden inside the mountains center ... will describe it later with a scweenshot.

The Beton tunnels do not appear to be from be anywhere in the US

The wider Fred24 tunnel is perfect for 2 tracks at a 4m track spacing
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Thanks for the info. I will continue to investigate and see what I can come up with.


Hi Bill

I have several 'Dig Hole' type tunnel portals and brick lined tunnels that might be of interest to you. Click on my Sig below and go to 'My Content'. There you will find several portals, single and double, concrete and stone, and two brick lined tunnels that might work for you.There is also a tutorial on how to install these portals and tunnels using dig holes. They can be a little tricky to install, but I've never encountered one that I couldn't get to work.

I originally created these several years ago when I was working on the Cumberland to Harpers Ferry route. Since then, I use them on all of my routes. If you want to see and try them, you might try downloading the Gorre & Daphetid, or the Murrysville & Western routes, in the route menu under Model Railroadz. They are both small routes. Or better still, try the Gorre & Daphetid videos,1 and 2, on the Video page. All of my content, with the exception of my routes, is on the DLS.

Thanks, Joe.

I didn't realize that I already had most of them. My route is set in Japan, so I didn't think to look for any assets with "B&O" in them.