A session for Port Switching featuring the NSWGR 59 class steam locomotive


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Some may recall the wonderful 59 class locomotive uploaded by Billegulla a month or so back (thanks Bill, a tremendous loco):


I've teamed this with bendorseys steam crane and shovel (thanks Ben, they are great) and VicTrainz interactive SAR flat cars:


The session requires you to take the steam crane and shovel to the lower level. The crane is to be used to repair the out-of-gauge track beneath the rail overhead crane at the far end of the Teamsters Yard, and the shovel to remove iron ore and coal that is fouling the track at the Minerals Loader.

"Bruce and Barry, the track is spreading at the rail overhead crane down at the far end of the Teamsters Yard and there is a lot of over-spill on the track at the minerals loader.
Coal and water your 59 class locomotive, then load those two flat cars parked next to the workshop with sleepers and rails from our store behind the roundhouse.
Take the two loaded flats and the crane and shovel with match wagon from the guards van siding down to the lower level.
Unload the rails and sleepers and leave the crane to assist in rail replacement at the overhead crane.
Leave the shovel under the minerals gantry so that it can clear the tracks.
On your way back light engine, collect the crane and the two empty flats, and load those five flat cars standing at the timber products wharf with lumber.
Leave the crane and the two empty flat cars at the guards siding and leave the five flats loaded with lumber in the Transfer Yard.
Report for further instructions.
Always give way to the trains hauled by the new 44 class diesels on the upper level."

The session should take about an hour and a quarter - PROVIDED you give a little bit of consideration to the easiest way of organizing the rolling stock and the shunt movements. Using the 4-key view might help the initial planning.

Do remember to coal and water the locomotive before leaving the Loco Depot.

All the items of rolling stock needed by the session will be downloaded from the Download Station when the session is installed, though Download Helper may not capture the loco crew, kuid 44090:57003, for the NSWGR 59 class steam locomotive and you may have to download this manually.

Maps and a readme are included in the folder containing the session. The readme contains detailed information about driving the loco in cab Mode.

Look for this thumbnail on the Download Station:


You might also want to look here:


Hey Phil, wot's the guts? Your new session is on the DLS but it refuses to download point blank! I can't even get it via FTP as it claims it is not a valid file. You're not tormenting us are you? :hehe:


Hey Nix --

Thanks for that.

I've just tried FTP and also get the "non existent file" message.

I was a bit surprised after uploading that I didn't get the usual e-mail message that the session had been approved and would be on the Download Station in x hours. A hiccup somewhere obviously.

I've re-uploaded the session. If Auran thinks that it is a duplicate kuid and wont accept it I'll give it a :2 extension and try again. We'll get there eventually!

Bendorsey's crane and shovel are super cool.

OK - the kuid2: ... :2 version of this session is now on the Download Station.

Can somebody confirm that this one is present and correct please?

Well at least my DLH downloaded it! Seems to have installed correctly. I'll have a wee play with it tomorrow and let ya know.