The Wattz & Voltz Railroad -- Session 4


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I was going to post screen grabs, but decided to post the full video instead.

It's a session from the Wattz & Voltz Railroad, an interurban railroad that in the later years of its existence was operated by steam and finally diesel.

You are Chuck & Joe. You signed in and reported to The Dispatcher, who gave you your instructions:
Attach the three flat cars standing in the Dry Sort Yard and load them with 32ft logstack at the Log Camp.
Unload the logs at the Hertz Saw Mill and reload with lumber.
Unload the lumber at the Wattz Steamship Wharf.
Load the flats with rails at Wattz Wharf 01 and unload the rails at the Wattz MoW Depot.
Take the flats to the loading ramp at the Freight House and load each flat car with Construction Equipment.
Spot the flats for unloading at the Log Camp unloading ramp.
Round up the two box cars at the Dry Sort Yard and spot them on the Wattz Ferry Barge.
Return to the Loco Depot and sign off.

The video shows the first part of this session -- attaching and loading the flat cars with logs at the Log Camp. Unloading the logs at the Saw Mill and reloading them with lumber. Unloading the lumber at the Wattz Steamship Wharf.

The reason for the Map View early on in the session? The Dry Sort Yard intercepts the mouse click when trying to change switches, making it impossible to change the setting of the switches with a mouse click. It is possible, of course, to use "J" and "Ctrl-J" to change the switches in front and behind the locomotive. But the video shows doing it from the Map.

Best watch full screen and in HD:

.. excellent route .. must be added to my phil collection for sure .. thankz for sharing ..
Hi Phil,

Can't seem to find "The Wattz & Voltz Railroad" on the DLS by searching title in text search.

What's the kuid please?


Terry --

It's not on the Download Station and you might have to wait awhile. N3V are working out what to do with it.

Hi Phil

I must admit that I am very puzzled as to why N3V have failed to release this layout.

Usually your layouts are announced, explained to all your fans and then released within a couple of weeks max.

Could you explain what the problems are here please as I'm sure that all your many followers are wondering the same.

Would anyone from N3V care to comment/explain?

Am I possibly on the wrong thread here and that another one answers my questions?

Where are all your followers posting "What's happening?

Could there be something sensitive going on in the background?

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