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High Speed Rail!!
Hey Guys, I would like your help ( please), Im trying to find a few bridges that look like this. They are used to cross Thames River along the Northeast Corridor. May someone direct me to where to get a look alike bridge for I-95. Your help is much appreciated.

I've been over all three of those bridges!

It looks like you'll need a bridge expert on this one. Do you have dimensions? That will help.
I've been over two of them when I was in the USCG stationed in Groton and New London, CT (assuming that is the Thames River). Its the only place in the world you can watch submarines go up the river to spawn, lol.

I've probably made several bridges close to the RR bridge so modifying one shouldn't be too big a job. Need photos and basic dimensions.
Overall length, length of the individual spans, height above the water, number of tracks (probably 2), and so on.
Photos of the individual spans, piers, and ends.

The highway bridge is more then a bit of the problem because it isn't flat. I may have made something similar and could modify it but it would be flat.

The bridge that carries I-95 is called the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, here is a wiki link
A little more on the bridge Link

The bridge that serves Amtrak is as we know called the Thames river bridge, her a wiki link as well.

Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate the help. But as i find more pics on the bridge will share.
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Printed out some photos and info from those links. Might have enough - won't know until I start on them. Have a few (small) items ahead of you but it won't be too long (weeks - not months, lol).

I have to take a bit back on what I said earlier. I haven't been over the RR bridge as the station was in New London. As for the highway bridges - only been across one since the other hadn't been built yet (1964 - 1965). I even walked across it once.

Interesting to see its considered "structurally deficient" and in poor condition. Lots of those down here where I live too.


Started on the highway bridge but realized I don't have quite enough info.

Please PM me your e-mail address. I have a few questions.