TrainzProRoutes Hump Tower

Hey Guys,
I have recently built my own hump yard and have download a "Humptower" (<kuid2:30671:23302:1>) but because it is my first time setting up a hump yard I have don't fully understand how to set it up properly. I have tried to look for tutorials but can only find tutorials on driving operations as opposed to setup operations. I understand the basics like how to input the junctions required and whatnot, but have no idea how to set them up if anyone could offer some help or perhaps post a link to a tutorial page as I do believe it comes from the former TrainzProRoutes website that would be greatly appreciated.
kindest regards, Railsimulator09.
Try this link, I think it will help.

In Addition: Look at some of these, use ctrl I to see what each asset has written about what that particular Asset does.

There are several Brilliant minds in Brain Trust (aka Forum) that have built these Models.

I am not well versed on these things, I have used a few over the years.

Some of Smarter than me Folks hopefully will chime in.

<kuid:902728:100311> Hump Yard
<kuid:889439:100197> hump yard ns based multi
<kuid:262137:101221> Matlin Hump Yard revised
<kuid:105915:100121> Hump Yard Route
<kuid:953567:100363> Mobile Small Hump Yard Module
<kuid:105915:100123> Hump Yard Session
<kuid:670490:100354> Hump Yard Session 1
<kuid:699717:100040> M120 - The Moose Rump Hump Yard
<kuid:889439:100195> ns hump yard multi fix
<kuid:710728:100007> riverview with hump yard
<kuid:971589:100001> Santa Fe hump yard
<kuid:72938:100078> UltraScenery Hump Yard Module (Payware) - Personal Use Only
<kuid:72938:100079> UltraScenery Hump Yard Module Session - Personal Use Only
<kuid:526403:100402> UM E-W Hump Yard TANE Simple Hump
<kuid:137353:100466> UM E-W Hump yard
<kuid:526403:100350> UM E-W Hump Yard TANE
<kuid:526403:100386> UM E-W Hump Yard TANE Basic Session
Why did you choose something so old? Msgsapper has an updated hump yard kit and detailed setup instructions. Maybe if you're lucky he updated the old TPR one.


Have a look at this thread

I have used this system on various hump yards and it has worked flawlessly for me. You can tag the cars before they get to the yard and they sort without issue.


Thank you for the Tip,

I'm aware of CDE items, not for this but for their Route Modules and remember this item, but never followed through as I was busy with several other Merging Projects. Alas u helped me out; Need to go to Hump Yard School and learn how these Widgets work.

Thanks again for your Sage Advice.